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Online Programming

Athletes and adults often feel they are unable to reach their fitness related goals due to limited time, availability, and income. Tackling ambitious goals of making a high-level team, getting recruited by colleges, or losing weight for health benefits are challenging. These goals are nearly impossible to achieve without proper support, accountability, and coaching.


We realize that schedule and financial limitations are a reality for many, but we never want this to be a limiting factor in reaching your goals. Sometimes all it takes is knowing that someone wants you to succeed and will be checking in to see if you completed your workout.

SOMA Performance online programming provides professional program design so that you are on track to reach your specific goals. Our thorough intake process ensures that we cater to all your requirements and aspirations, considering factors such as schedule, available equipment, space, and long-term goals.

Take control of your athletic or fitness journey with confidence, knowing that your commitment and consistency will yield results through an individually designed online program.

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