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At SOMA Performance & Fitness we focus on helping athletes improve in 3 main areas that help them seperate themselves athletically:


1. Speed

2. Strength/Power

3. Confidence

If improving one or all of those is something you are looking for then you are in the right place

Prolonging athletic careers with improved
speed, strength, power, and confidence.

In-person 1-on-1, small group and team performance training
Online comprehensive coaching and programming



Overcome past injuries and prevent future setbacks with sound coaching programming. We take out the guess work, so you can stay on the field. 


Stay on schedule and stay motivated. We help you maintain the consistency necessary to reach your goals. 


A structured, personalized training plan will ensure you reach your goals and fullfill your athletic potential. 



Michael H.
College Hockey athlete

Michael H.
College Hockey athlete


Anna H.
Mom of College Soccer Athlete

"Our son started with Brandon looking to improve speed and agility, which he has. Brandon is great at  evaluating an individual athletes needs and then putting together a plan that will help get them toward their goal."


Michael H.
College Hockey athlete

"Brandon has helped me make multiple jumps in my hockey career going from Midget AA hockey all the way up to NCAA hockey.  When I started I was focused on my speed and conditioning and Brandon really put all of his effort into helping me improve those areas of my athletic ability."

Fitness Equipments

Mike P.
Dad of College Soccer Athlete

"Brandon has helped my son navigate 2 ACL surgeries in the last 30 months. My son's dexterity, coordination, explosiveness, top end speed and fitness are all better now than they were before his first injury."

Fitness Equipments

Joe H.
High School Lacrosse Athlete

Text Message:


"I played really well this weekend. I felt so much faster and stronger on the field which just built confidence with my game."

Fitness Equipments

Maura M.
Mom of High School Football Athlete

Brandon has been working with our son-David (14 yrs) for six months. He is amazing. David says he feels stronger and faster. We have noticed the change as well. Brandon is a great role model for our son and David looks forward to his workouts because he knows he is getting better.

What We Offer

What We Offer

In-Person Private and
Small Group Train
Tired of losing playing time because other athletes are faster and stronger? Our individualized training programs are designed to address your specific needs. Become a faster, stronger, resilient and more confident athlete today. 

athlete box jump.JPG

Onsite & Offsite Team Training
Providing a team with expert-led strength and conditioning will not only create faster, stronger, more explosive athletes, but also forms a level of togetherness and camaraderie sure to take any team to the top. 

Comprehensive Online Coaching
Don't let your schedule or location prevent you from reaching your athletic potential. With our comprehensive online coaching any athlete can prolong their athletic career with an individually designed program and 1-on-1 coaching. 

Strong Man
Girls Soccer Team with Coach

Coach-to-Coach Online Training
All the sport coach to focus on refining team performance while ensuring athletes receive specialized strength and conditioning training through our comprehensive app-based program. 

Online Programming
Reach your athletic and fitness related goals regardless of your schedule, availability, or financial situation. Get an individually designed program to ensure you reach your goals all through the convenience of an app.  


Complete Athletic Development Program
Helping young athletes unlock their full athletic potential

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

SOMA Coaches are highly qualified, educated, and experienced in the field of performance and fitness training.

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SOMA stands for "Stay On Mission Always". We believe, no matter what your mission is, consistency is one of, if not the biggest and most important thing when it comes to accomplishing any goal in life!

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